Thought of the Week “What is Holding you Back”

Fox has always been a magical spirit animal. Fox almost always shows up in my life when I’m in the beginning stages of transformation. I mean big transformation. I’ve seen fox in the middle of the day, in the middle of the street, in the middle of a large city. Fox has almost bumped into me in my backyard as I walked out of the garage. Last year a dear friend of mine had open heart surgery. In the middle of her surgery, I looked out my kitchen window and as big and beautiful as could be was Fox. I knew it was my friend’s spirit letting me know she was okay. This same friend and her partner graced me by singing the song “What Does the Fox Say” on my 50th birthday.

Why am I sharing this you ask? Once again I sit at the threshold of great change in my career and personal life. I’ve been ready to launch, but my old friend fear creeps in to slow me down. This morning I was on my morning meditation walk I saw movement out of the corner of my right eye. Not one, or two, but THREE baby foxes came out of the woods to greet me! Two of them walked close to me and barked their sweet little fox sounds. This was my sign to launch without fear. You are reading my first blog post which is a gateway to my dream of helping you and the community.

What is holding you back? Over the next week, open your heart, eyes, ears, and soul to a new possibility. See what sign(s) show up for you. Believe that the sign is a gift without question and then make one simple change, even if it’s just awareness. I’d love to hear from you. Let me know what shows up for you. Please like and share if you found this helpful. Until next time…have a Boomin’ Day!

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