Wayne Dyer- Just for Today

Today I lost my Spiritual Father

You taught me to be authentic, transparent, and filled with Grace

Just for today, that means that even though my head understands you’re in a place filled with love and light, I’m not going to pretend that it all makes sense and or that my heart isn’t breaking.


You have eight children. I have five. You taught me that our kids have their own journey and the best thing we can do is step out of their way. They’d mock me with phrases like, “Listening to the Almighty Dyer again?” You were right. They have figured it out. They’re happy and whole.

Just for today, I grieve along with your children, my children, and the bit of child that’s in us all.


You taught me to make The Shift. cialis 10mg enough

Just for today, I don’t want to think about how your transition will impact my life in a positive way. I need to feel that I wasn’t prepared and that’s okay.


You taught me about Wishes Fulfilled. That I should think from the end and really feel what I desire.

Just for today, I’m disappointed. It was my deepest wish that you would be around for at least a few more decades.


You taught me that I’d See it when I Believe it.

Just for today, I’m a little confused. I’ve been manifesting meeting you for ten years. That dream was going to happen on the upcoming Holy Land cruise.


You taught me to be an Eagle and not a duck swimming in a duck pond.

Just for today, I’d like to challenge your thoughts. Maybe there are no ducks, only Eagles omeprazole 40 mg. Some just haven’t found their Eagle wings yet.

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You taught me about St. Francis and his prayer for love and peace. “Where there is sadness, joy. It is in dying that we are born again to eternal light.”

Just for today, I need to sit in my sadness. It’s important to feel and go through the pain and not simply push it away for joy. Joy comes from truly being in our journey.


You taught me that I’m a Spiritual being, having a human experience…not the reverse.

Just for today. I want to embrace my humanness and feel your loss in my heart.


You taught me how to forgive my father. Like yours, he had his flaws too. cialis for sale

Just for today, I’m finding it hard to find forgiveness that you, my Spiritual Father, left before I was ready. 10mg cialis daily


You taught me that nothing created in my mind is impossible.

Just for today, I’m trying to understand that in my mind, I saw me looking into your eyes and thanking you for everything you’ve done. In my mind, I felt a reciprocal hug of love and peace. That dream was only 35 days away and now won’t be possible.


You taught me that it is easier not to act on my addiction. Mine was food, especially ice cream.

Just for today, I allowed myself the comfort of a chocolate sundae. Just for today, it tasted a little sweeter.


I will listen. I will make The Shift and know that you’re transition is part of a universal plan. You’ve taught me well. I’m beginning to understand that it’s time for me to stand on my own two feet. I don’t need to read another of your books or attend a lecture. As you’d say, I’m already whole and complete. I know what to do.

When I look into the night sky, I will feel your light in each twinkling star. I will listen to your words as the wind whispers in my ears. I will remember your strength every time an Eagle soars above. I will know your beauty with each flap of a butterfly’s wings. I will observe the innocence and pureness of love whenever I play with my grandchildren.

I will continue what you and others have started on this planet we call Earth. It is love that I seek. I will give it all away in the name of love. I will stand on stage one day, and tell my story. A story you’ve taught me to love and accept. I will speak about passion, hope, and Amazing Grace. It is you that I will quote as you’ve quoted many before you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the whole of my soul. I love you. And so my journey continues. May my Excuses Be Gone and my willingness be limitless.

Namaste-Dee Felgus

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