I am in network with Alliance and Auxiant. I am out of network with several other insurance companies. Feel free to call with your insurance information. I am not in the WPS or BCBS network at this time. I do not take Badgercare, Medicare, or Medicaid.

Everyone is different. I recommend weekly or bi-weekly, but you know yourself better than I. I will work with you. Regarding the length of treatment/sessions. This too is individual. Some have a specific occurrence they need guidance with and some are working to dig deep to find inner peace and purpose. Others are in between. Healing is like peeling an onion; with each layer you heal, you go deeper. You will know what feels right for you.

There are as many amazing counselors and healers in the world as there are people. Each of us has our own style. It is important to me that you are working with the best person for you. If you’re not comfortable with me, I will do my best to recommend someone who is. It would not offend me if I’m not a good match.

I’m a bit nontraditional. Other than our first meeting you will never see me with a pen and paper in hand. That being said, it is my goal to offer help as soon as the first session. As soon as you walk through my door, you’ve got my full attention.

Confidentiality is one of the roots of client care. Information you share with me, stays with me unless you sign a release of information. A release is usually signed if you have a prior therapist, doctor, psychiatrist, or family member that you feel would benefit from sharing. The only time confidentiality is broken is if I’m informed that a child is being sexually abused or there is intent to harm self or others.

I do not have any expectations of you. Each of us is different. Some individuals like to journal, read, do art work, exercise, meditate, contemplate, follow spiritual practices or anything in between. You and I will discover what feels right for you. Usually individuals try different things. They continue doing what feels right and stop what doesn’t.

I have a 24 hour policy. If an appointment is cancelled 24 hours before your appointment there isn’t any additional fees. I understand that things come up. I’m understanding of that. The fee for a missed appointment or late cancel is $50.

I am flexible with people’s schedules. I understand how busy you are. Some individuals like to book week to week, while others like a particular day and time. You also have the option of booking online at (Can we put a link to the book now here?)

I am open to you bringing in someone as long as the session would be beneficial for you. You are always my first priority. I do ask for advanced notice so I am prepared for the session.

HIPAA Compliant

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