My First Guest Appearance on a Local Radio Show: WDRT in Viroqua, WI

My First Guest Appearance on a Local Radio Show: WDRT in Viroqua, WI

I received a phone call about a month ago from Paula at WDRT in Viroqua and was asked if I’d like to be a guest on their weekly wellness show. I was super excited about this because I had been manifesting it for a few years.

Throughout the last month I’ve been staying true to the mantra “What can I change today?” and continue to be astounded by the changes I consciously make every day. What has been showing up more consistently now is a drop in anxiety and fear. In the past I would have been afraid to do the show and would have allowed fearful thoughts to gain momentum, much like the vortex of a tornado. This time, I was surprised I didn’t have any fear. In fact, I could feel my thoughts trying to create fear and anxiety. How crazy is that, and yet it makes sense, it takes time to rewire the brain see this site.

My daughter and I arrived at the studio yesterday and my only question was, “How close should my mouth be to the microphone?”

I had a blast! The hour flew by. I felt like the energizer bunny and could have kept going and going. I want to thank Drs. Paula and Paul Grenier and the rest of the crew at WDRT for their hospitality and overall sense of well-being I felt.

After the show, my daughter and I had the pleasure of exploring the community of Viroqua. We visited Gary’s Rock Shop, had lunch at the Driftless Cafe, found some amazing ice cream, and browsed some other local shops.

Drs. Paul and Paula invited us to their office and were kind enough to not only educate us on spine health, but also gave each of us a full body adjustment. Dr. Paul’s hands-on approach while teaching was refreshing.

What did I learn from all this? I am humbled by the WDRT community. Everyone involved volunteers their time to educate and entertain without expecting anything in return. Also, Viroqua is a small community of individuals who truly care about each other. Just being there makes me want to be a better person. This experience has opened me up to thinking about even more ways I can give back to the community.

My daughter and I had an amazing adventurous day. Thank you Dan for introducing me to the station, WDRT, Drs. Paul and Paula at Quality of Life Chiropractic, the staff, our server at the café, and the beautiful sweet young woman who brought us a glass of water when we were eating ice cream.

Have a Boomin’ week and keep asking yourself “What can I change today?”

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