Everything in Between

Everything in Between

Everything In Between

There are seven billion individuals on the planet with seven billion unique personalities, life purposes, personal stories, and destinies. As technology and research advances, there are just as many “ways of doing things”. This information can be overwhelming to the point where you might be saying, “I don’t know what to believe anymore.” Nutrition is a prime example of this. What one day is good for us, the next day causes cancer. Me, I used to get so fed up I’d find myself driving to the nearest Taco Bell or McDonalds, filling myself with comfort food, thinking I’d figure it out tomorrow. Then there’s healthcare. We’re told to take this pill to cure this, and then that pill to fix the side effects of the first pill, and on and on it goes. Every field is specialized, where many times one hand doesn’t have a clue what the other is doing. (Sigh). Should it be that difficult to feel healthy and full of life? What’s coming back into every day consciousness is mindfulness and spiritual health, but what exactly does that mean? Have you tried to meditate and empty your mind just to get frustrated because the thoughts kept coming? Are religion and spirituality the same? Maybe, you’ve tried some retreats and/or positive affirmations and found them to be helpful short-term, but then you felt discouraged because what you learned didn’t seem to be sticking. At the end of the day you’re left feeling stressed, tired, aggravated, and confused.

Why am I so Stressed, Tired, and Frustrated no Matter What I Do?

Do you remember pushing the record button on the old tape recorder when you were younger? I know I’d sit next to the radio and wait for my favorite songs and hope I could push that button quick enough to record the entire song. Sometimes, I’d record myself and send the tape to my grandparents instead of a letter. My point, these recorders were much like our brains as kids. For the first seven years of our life we were recording everyone else’s beliefs into our brain and nervous system. Take a minute to let that sink in…most of the beliefs we have were never ours. Plus, we all have a story. The traumas get “stuck” deep in our brain and nervous system. The same ole’ triggers may continue to show up leaving you scratching your head as to why you keep repeating behaviors that don’t serve you. Then there’s the mentality we have in our culture where what we do never seems to be enough. Our lives are driven by perfection, care-giving, trying to get it all done, and pleasing everybody else first. Many of us are taught not to change careers, making money is what matters…not following your dreams, I’m less than if I can’t keep up with the next guy, and “all the powers that be” know more about what I need than I do. Lastly, we tend to isolate instead of interacting with others.

How Can I Help?

This is where it gets fun because the ways to guide you where you want to go are endless. First, I listen with more than my ears. As your life therapist I feel great joy watching clients like you discover who you really are. I will work with you to let go of old beliefs, values, and patterns that don’t serve you. It’s important to release memory from the body as well as the brain. I have found that getting back to basics is highly beneficial. This includes discussions about diet, exercise, learning how to advocate for yourself in a power driven system, unearthing self-help tools to help you relax, and helping you meet your goals. You will never hear me say this work is easy, but I can sure tell you that it’s worth it. By healing ourselves we heal the generations before and after us. What a great gift to give our grand kids.

My Pledge to You

I am a seeker of knowledge which means I continue to do research on what is working and why. I then become my own guinea pig to test different techniques and research studies. I admit, I’m not a guy, so if there’s research related to men only, I recruit my husband and bounce ideas off him. It is important to create a sense of community, which means I engage us to interact with each other. If you have a question I will try to get an answer. If I can’t answer it, I will find someone who can. I continue to do my own work as I want to be the best therapist I can be for you.

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