Spiritual Healing

Spirit: Shamanic Healing/Counseling through Soul Retrieval

241_nWe all experience illness, trauma, feelings of being disconnected, or other difficulties at some point in our lives. Choosing to work with a shamanic healer offers an opportunity to address emotional pain and illness from a new perspective.

The shamanic model of health and healing suggests that illness or distress originates on spiritual planes before manifesting as physical symptoms. According to most spiritual healers, when an individual suffers an emotional trauma, part of his or her soul flees the body so that the individual can survive the experience. This resulting fragmentation is considered “soul loss,” and can make for holes in the soul where harmful elements can enter the body, causing distress. If soul loss goes unaddressed and we remain emotionally shut down or numb after a challenging situation, we could be sacrificing essential aspects of ourselves. Soul retrieval can help recover these lost fragments and establish feelings of wholeness.

What are common symptoms of soul loss?

  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Chronic depression
  • Post-traumatic stress syndrome
  • Immune deficiency issues
  • Unresolved grief or grief that does not heal
  • Signs of dissociation or not feeling fully present in one’s own body
  • Detachment from daily activities
  • Inability to fully engage in life or feelings of emptiness
  • Substance abuse
  • Addiction
  • Inability to move on

What are the outcomes of soul retrieval?

Outcomes of soul retrieval vary depending on the individual. Positive benefits include:

  • Feeling more grounded and present in your body
  • Feeling lighter and filled with more joy
  • Feeling like part of you has “come home”
  • Renewed energy or zest for life
  • Lowered anxiety and depression
  • Creative inspiration.

Generating and Sustaining Change

Working with a shamanic counselor to sort through past traumas can help an individual find closure and a sense of peace.

Some individuals feel subtle changes or nothing at all after soul retrieval, even though the lost soul part has been returned.

Commitment and willingness to be open to shamanic practice is most important in generating healing and sustaining change.

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