Wayne Dyer-I’m Listening

Wayne Dyer-I’m Listening

Living my Promise…Tomorrow is Here….I’m Listening

Tomorrow has arrived and I am staying true to my promise. Though grief still fills my heart, it hums in the background as I move forward with my purpose. When the grief bubbles to the surface, I gently weep letting my emotions flow as water. With each tear I am grateful I’m open enough to feel. With each word I write, I’m grateful I’m healthy enough to hold multiple emotions with grace and ease.

Wayne started his day at 3:00 am, sitting at his writing desk, purple pen in hand. At times he’d have a picture of Lao Tzu, Emerson, St. Francis and others close by. I believe he was able to channel these individuals and capture their essence in a perfect and divine way. Though I don’t think I’ll ever be up at three in the morning, I now sit with Wayne’s picture on my writing desk. Wayne was inspired from those who lived long ago. We are fortunate to know his teachings and remember his voice. We know his tone, movements, the way he made it look so easy to interpret really difficult material, and how he truly emulated love.

It is no coincidence that my daughter gave me a copy of my favorite childhood book today, Horton Hears a Who by Dr. Suess. For those who don’t know the story, Horton is an elephant, yep I said elephant, and I suppose one could say he is a bit scurvy. Anyway, Horton hears a voice on a speck of dust. He knows and believes there is an entire world on this speck of dust. Other animals in the forest think he is a bit crazy. They try to destroy that little speck of dust along with Horton. Horton, understanding the urgency of the situation, calls to the mayor on that speck of dust and tells him, “You must all shout loud so others in my world can hear you.” The people in Whoville, who live on this speck of dust shout and play instruments. It still isn’t enough until one small boy lets out a Yelp. It is this one small child with his one small Yelp that saves the town of Whoville. It was the undying love of one Horton the (scurvy) elephant that believed in every human being “no matter how small” that saved the town of Whoville.

This was Wayne in a nutshell. I’ve often wondered over the last few years how he could keep up with such a vigorous schedule. I knew his mind was sharp and sharing love wasn’t a job, but he wasn’t a spring chicken anymore. Neither am I.

Is it possible that he taught us all he knew? Most of us have heard his stories over and over. Me, I never tired of them. I’m realizing more than ever that as comfortable as I am in my spiritual community, I need to get out there and teach and be love. We never know which voice will be the tipping point, where then everyone will hear.

Is it possible that it’s our turn to use the amazing gifts we have and learn how to reach those who haven’t heard of Wayne or anyone else in the Hayhouse community? We know better than anyone else who we need to reach and how we need to reach them. One beautiful woman made a comment that she was struggling with her grief as she felt nobody around her even knew who Wayne Dyer was omeprazole online. As unbelievable as that is, it’s a reminder that as light workers we have been called to purpose.

I often sit in prayer asking for guidance from God, Jesus, St. Francis, Archangel Michael, Mary Magdelene, Buddha and many others. I always get answers, but sometimes the channel feels weak. I’m beginning to understand that now, as I look at Wayne’s picture, I can channel his teachings, those who have come before him, and the whole of creation. It’s as though a clearer portal has been opened for all of us. I’m here to help all of you in any way that I can.

I am holding loving space for Wayne’s family, friends, and colleagues as they grieve the loss of their father, grandfather, friend, and colleague.

I’m still listening. Namaste-Dee Felgus

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