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Professional Life

dee felgus
NCC, LPC, Life Therapist, SP

I worked as an accountant/office manager with an emphasis on team building and crisis management, later transitioning to counseling and therapy. I have over 20 years of combined knowledge in the corporate and counseling fields. My undergraduate degree was in psychology from the University of Phoenix. I also have a Masters of Arts in Community Counseling from Lakeland College. Read More



Mind: Healing through Brainspotting

What is Brainspotting: Brainspotting is a powerful, focused treat-ment that… Details

Spiritual Healing

Spiritual Healing

What is spiritual healing? Too often spiritual healing is confused… Details

Everything in Between

Everything in Between

What is spiritual healing? Too often spiritual healing is confused… Details

Let Go

Allow the thoughts that keep you up at night fade away by turning up the volume of your inner voice that knows the answers to life’s tough questions. Bring healing, self-acceptance, and closure to your past, present, and future, through the gentle approach of Ancient Wisdom & Modern Healing.

Find Purpose

Get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Learn how to manage fear, anxiety, tension, or other feelings that are slowing you down, and find ways to ignite your inner strengths through a one-on-one, step-by-step approach that is doable and exciting.

Discover Wholeness

Bridge the gap between mind, body, and spirit. Learn how to ask yourself the right questions, listen to your body, and strengthen your intuition. Recognize new ways to easily nourish your body, add more movement to your routine, and tap into your Highest Self…in the Boomer Age Style!

Build Community

Remember how to play and learn from each other in a safe, honest environment. Give and receive support when challenges arise. Create a sharing space in which hardened isolation can be softened into interaction and collaboration.

Testimonials from Clients
  • KF-Age 51~Madison, WI

    As a survivor of multiple and varied abuses in my formative years, and then repeating those patterns in adulthood: I have talked with about a dozen therapists since the late eighties. Dee is the first healer with whom I've worked. In these first five months we've worked together, Dee has been able to validate, guide, and challenge me in ways that no one else has. Trauma, and therefore healing, is about so much more than the mind and emotions. While words are important, we are much more complex than words can convey. And, when one grows up in an abusive household, sometimes trauma happens before we have words. Dee understands that and knows just how I need to be approached in any given moment. The energy work that we've done has been powerful as I continue to move through a lot, between sessions. The things that come up, and the ways in which they come up, always amaze me. I never feel re-traumatized, but rather empowered as we re-cover me. I cannot say enough about Dee: her insights, her connection, her healing gift, and her nimbleness are inherent qualities that every mental health practitioner should possess
  • M.S. Middleton, WI

    Dee is a genuinely caring person whom I have known for over 4 1/2 years. She has helped me heal through some extraordinarily difficult parts of my life by using a combination of counseling and spiritual healing. I always felt at ease with her gentle presence and confidence. Dee is very intuitive and always seems to know the right questions to ask to help you get to the areas you need to be working on in your life. For these reasons, I can say that I would highly recommend her services. She will make you feel very safe and supported throughout your healing journey.
  • B.H.~Age 53~Madison, WI

    Dee is an exceptionally empathic and intuitive helper, who has developed a way of practice that is unique and natural to her. She has an uncanny sense of what’s going on at a deep level with other people, and a deep commitment to help others heal and grow. She’s also good at it, and uses a great variety of techniques and methods in her practice — spiritual, body-based, and dialoguing — very flexibly and responsively to what is happening in the moment. She’s extremely grounded and positive, and is a great guide for me on my (kind of bumpy) journey.

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