Frequently Asked Questions About Therapy

How does a virtual therapy session work?

I have been pleasantly surprised how well virtual appointments have been working. The setup is easy.

Once you are established as a client, it’s as simple as needing your email. You will receive an invite to your email account, where you follow a link and will be connected virtually with me.

I do my sessions online the same as I do in person. I am gifted as far as my intuitive abilities and am able to “pick up” and read between the lines as I always have. It’s always my goal that my clients “feel good” and seen/heard no matter what the format. 100% of my clients have reported to me that they feel treatment is as good online as in person. In fact, I think some will miss this format once the pandemic is over.

What can I expect from you in a session?
I’m a bit nontraditional. Other than our first meeting you will never see me with a pen and paper in hand. That being said, it is my goal to offer help as soon as the first session.

As soon as you walk through my door – or most recently show up on my computer screen, you’ve got my full attention.

How often would I need to see you?
Everyone is different. I recommend weekly or bi-weekly, but you know yourself better than I. I will work with you regarding the frequency of your treatment/sessions based on your needs.
How long will I be in therapy? Do I have to go forever?

I approach every one of my clients in the best way that works for them. There is no right or wrong regarding how long you should/will be in therapy. Some do short-term therapy for a specific situation while others are on a healing journey where they want to be the best they can be. This journey takes more time, but client’s appreciate their growth in treatment.

My motto is this, “You already know what you need to heal, I’m here to guide you.” I never claim to know more than you do.

You also get to choose how often you’d like to see me. Most choose once a week or once every two weeks. I also have a few who check in once a month.

What happens if I see you a few times and don't feel comfortable?
There are as many amazing counselors and healers in the world as there are people. Each of us has our own style. It is important to me that you are working with the best person for you. If you’re not comfortable with me, I will do my best to recommend someone who is. It would not offend me if I’m not a good match.
How does confidentiality work?

Confidentiality is actually pretty simple and straight forward. Nothing you say in session goes any further than you and I – unless there’s a threat of suicide, homicide or a child is being abused. If there is correspondence that needs to happen, you first need to sign a Release of Information. Without this, I cannot give information to anyone including a doctor, spouse, or psychiatrist. I take everyone’s confidentiality seriously.

What insurance networks do you accept?

I am in-network with Alliance, Auxiant, Quartz, and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS).

I am out of network with several other insurance companies. Feel free to call with your insurance information. I am not in the WPS network at this time. I do not take Badgercare, Medicare, or Medicaid.

How do I know if I’m covered by my insurance?
My assistant or I will check your benefits for you. Most of the time we can do this online. If not, we call the insurance company for verification. Normally, it’s the deductible that is important. I will let you know what your deductible amount is and where you’re at in the process. If you have a co-pay, that will be collected at the time of your appointment.
I don't have benefits. Does that matter?

If you do not have benefits you have an option to private pay/pay out of pocket. Session cost is $119.


What happens if I cannot make my appt?
I have a 24-hour policy. If an appointment is canceled 24 hours before your appointment there isn’t any additional fees. I understand that things come up. I’m understanding of that. The fee for a missed appointment or late cancellation is $50.
If I want to bring someone to my appointment, would that be okay?
I am open to you bringing in someone as long as the session would be beneficial for you. You are always my first priority. I do ask for advanced notice so I am prepared for the session.
Are your appt times flexible or do I get my own slot?

I am flexible with people’s schedules. I understand how busy you are. Some individuals like to book week to week, while others like a particular day and time. You also have the option of booking online at here.

Do you offer in person services.

Yes, my office address is 2564 Branch Street, Middleton, WI, 53562.

You have the power to follow your heart, heal, and live your fullest life.

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